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Large Volume Water Supply Systems for Irrigation

DeWind’s Horizontal Water Supply Systems can deliver thousands of gallons of water per minute in the right soil conditions.


With the DeWind Horizontal Water Supply System, valuable shallow water resources can be captured in large volumes with no depletion of the deep-water aquifer.

Many states have permitted these shallow large volume water supply systems for farm irrigation, water reservoir refilling and as auxiliary municipal water supply.  


The One-Pass trencher performs the entire system installation in a single pass, under the water table, with no open excavations. The system starts with a large diameter stainless steel vertical pump station. Slotted HDPE SRDR 11 collection pipe is installed up to 60 feet below grade while simultaneously backfilling the trench to the surface with a wall of permeable backfill. 

Details & Benefits:


  • Produces thousands of gallons of water per minute
  • Tapping into formerly unusable shallow aquifers
  • Installation Depth: Up to 60 feet blg
  • Replaces irrigation ponds 
  • No loss of land usage