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Underground Alluvial Water Storage Reservoir Containment Walls

Water wars are real in the west. Underground water reservoirs containment is a necessary solution to the increasing requirements for cities to provide water to a growing community.

DeWind’s One-Pass Trenchers can install deep underground containment walls up to 160 below grade to create water storage reservoirs. The bottoms of these walls can be keyed into a confining layer creating a leak -free underground water storage tank. This cost-effective water reservoir construction method is used by cities and municipalities to store water for use during times of drought or high-volume use. 

– Does not affect the surrounding water rights.
– Does not require an environmental impact study
– Maintains permanent dominion and control of the water
– No evaporation loss.
– Does not mix with local water sources.

Details & Benefits:


  • Depths: up to 160 feet deep
  • Cost Effective
  • Installation Speed: Developed and Installed in a very short time
  • Results: No Evaporation Loss