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40 years of experience have allowed us to rethink standard trenching practices and innovate novel solutions to complex problems

About DeWind

DeWind One-Pass Trenching avoids the all the risky, complex, and costly construction activities associated with conventional Deep Excavations. One-Pass Trencher installations are constructed from the surface to deep elevations and can be constructed below the water table without dewatering.


DeWind has fabricated, machined, and tooled our own trencher fleet from small to large capacities. DeWind has the largest trencher in the world- the MT4500 – which has successfully trenched 145 ft deep! DeWind’s Trenchers are uniquely developed for various underground installations in unconsolidated soils, consolidated soils, cemented soils, and even 6,000 psi compressive strength bedrock.

Our trencher fleet offers feasible options to install various types of systems-deeper, faster, safer, and often cheaper than conventional alternatives. Our proprietary methods enable us to eliminate the dangers of open excavations while often significantly reducing hazardous spoils.

Our services began with the installation of deep collection systems for contaminated soils and groundwater remediation, soon followed by the first successful installation of a one-pass in situ-mixed hydraulic barrier wall. We have built an industry-trusted and recognized name through decades of success, innovation, and overcoming engineering challenges. We have grown our business organically, maintain a zero-debt model, and have a safety record unparalleled in the construction industry. Utility patents on our proprietary technologies have been filed and granted. The DeWind Deep One-Pass Trencher Technology has positively changed the industries it has serviced, and is quickly becoming the new standard by which all other methods are compared

Safety Standards

DeWind Safety

DeWind’s commitment to safety is reaffirmed with semi-annual written and practical training, including real-world experience encountering different safety scenarios. The DeWind Team is HAZWOPER trained and certified. Our crew members trained as mechanics and support equipment operators to ensure a solid understanding of our scope of work before becoming certified as Trencher Operators. Our crew members have broad expertise in skills including CDL truck driving welding, metal fabrication, tooling, electrical, hydraulic systems, lift planning and rigging, construction safety, and construction management. Our multilevel training promotes a safe work environment by building a comprehensive understanding of the equipment and its abilities, combined with constant, active, clear communication among the crew members using hands-free two-way radio headsets.


DeWind offers crews fully trained for work on hazardous waste sites, and all operators and laborers are 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER trained with a current 8-hour refresher. All employees maintain OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety certifications, site foremen maintain OSHA 30-hour Construction Supervisor training, every crew is staffed with a Certified Rigger/Signalperson, and daily Tailgate meetings ensure buy-in and compliance with all safety concerns on active sites. Each job we mobilize to will have a Site-Specific Health and Safety Plan, as well as Job Hazard Analyses for each anticipated task.


Every DeWind employee possesses Stop Work Authority, in the event that they witness or suspect unsafe work practices from anyone on a job site.