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Dam and Levee Seepage Repair

DeWind One-Pass Trenchers are perfectly suited for dam and levee repair.

 DeWind One-Pass Trenchers are compact, multi-tasking and designed to have the power and torque to mix a very heavy (low slump) mix of SB or SCB to create dam and levee seepage barriers. A heavy mix is essential for the repair of critical leaking dams and levees to avoid additional weakening during the barrier installation. Unlike other mix-in-place technologies, One-Pass Trenchers completely homogenize the native soils with the cement and/or bentonite additives from top to bottom and from start to finish to create a consistent and seamless barrier wall. 

DeWind One-Pass Trenchers are equipped with technologically advanced quality control features that meter, monitor, and track the additives to ensure a perfect installation every time.