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Hydraulic Barrier Walls

Commonly referred to as cutoff walls, barrier walls, or slurry walls. DeWind One-Pass Trenchers can Mix-in-Place native soils with bentonite, soil-cement-bentonite, soil-cement-slag, etc up to 150 feet deep.

One-Pass Trencher technology allows for a complete homogenized wall from top to bottom and from start to finish.

With DeWind’s continuous vertical and horizontal mixing process there is virtually zero possibility for windows or voids in the barrier wall. Carbide cutting bits guarantee a secure seal into any confining layer. 

DeWind One-Pass Trenchers are so powerful they can blend a heavy soil mix in place. This ability to mix a super heavy blend of soil and additives makes the One-Pass Technology ideal for dam and levee repair. The stabilizing quality of the super heavy mix created during installation reduces any risk of dam failure. 

DeWind has developed and  patented quality control features.  These quality control mechanisms are  incorporated into our One-Pass Trenchers to ensure a perfectly mixed barrier wall every time regardless of changing soil conditions. The Trenchers are equipped with metered bentonite delivery systems, water injection nozzles, pre-mixed slurry injection ports, speed controls, synchronized chain and track rotation, GPS mapping,  and laser guides to control depth and more. Engineers who use the DeWind One-Pass Mixed-In-Place Technology prefer it to the conventional excavator installation methods for many reasons.

Details & Benefits:

  • Trench Depths: up to 150 feet deep
  • Trench Width: 21”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, custom width options available upon request
  • Installation Speed: average 5 inches per minute
  • Benefits: In-situ mixing, complete uniform homogenous wall from top to bottom, heavy slump, secure bottom seal, no voids or windows