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Permeable Reactive Barriers / Funnel & Gate Systems

A One-Pass Trencher can install permeable reactive barrier walls for the passive remediation of soil and groundwater.

PRB materials like Zero Valent Iron(ZVI), Zeolite, Activated Carbon, Bio-Mulch and other reactive materials can be installed in a continuous 2’-6’ wide wall up to 50’ feet deep. All One-Pass installations are performed under the existing water table without dewatering or an open excavation.

Prior to the development of DeWind One-Pass Technology, conventional excavation techniques were used that required trench shoring or sheeting, construction dewatering, transportation and/or remediation of thousands of gallons of contaminated water, massive and dangerous open excavations and literally tons of contaminated spoils to dispose of. The costs were astronomical and prohibitive. With the development of the DeWind One-Pass Technology more sites can be cleaned up due to the cost effective single pass solution.

Details & Benefits:

  • Trench Depths: up to 50 feet deep (Deeper With Benching)
  • Trench Width: 12″- 72″ wide
  • Installation Speed: 200 – 400 linear feet per day
  • Benefits: No open excavations, no shoring, pumping, treating, spoil management and save on backfill costs.