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Groundwater & Product Recovery Trenches (GWCT)

Contaminated Groundwater Recovery, Leachate Collection, Slope Stability Interceptor Trenches, Etc...

DeWind’s flagship service “The One-Pass Groundwater Recovery System” (also known as Groundwater Collection Trench or Seepage Trench). This complex multi-tasked One-Pass operation was developed by DeWind exclusively for installing DEEP groundwater and product recovery systems in a single pass. DeWind One-Pass Trenchers are designed to set a large diameter stainless steel sump casing, pre-connected to a horizontal slotted HDPE SDR 11 collection pipe. The sump is set, and the horizontal collection pipe is installed on a precise grade at the bottom of the trench while being backfilled with a wall of stone to the surface. The entire process is performed in a SINGLE simultaneous operation.

One-Pass Trenching Technology avoids the need for DEWATERING, PUMPING AND TREATING OF CONTAMINATED WATER, TRENCH SHORING, SHEETING, DANGEROUS OPEN EXCAVATIONS  and management of large volumes of CONTAMINATED SPOILS! One-Pass installations are fast and safe.

Details & Benefits

  • Trench Depths: up to 60′ deep (deeper with benching)
  • Trench Width: ranges 12″- 48″ wide 
  • Installation Speed: 250-500 linear feet per day
  • Benefits: No open excavation, no dewatering, no trench shoring, no mass excavations.

    Can keep backfill down an average of 5 ft from surface if needed. In some cases dual backfill is possible

  •  HDPE Slotted Pipe: 4”, 6”, or 8” pipe